Can't get my ssl to work on my site raspberry host

Hope someone smart can get this thing working for me. My site is hosted on my own raspberry pi with php, mariadb-server, mariadb-client and apache2. my domain is from google or just i have done what i can to seting up clowflare and troubleshooting it on and got all good exept for 2 things see the img for what.

i hope somone is sitting on an answer so i can join the secure web rase

  1. samuelengelhardt (without ‘www’) does not resolve. It’ll need an “A” record like the ‘www’ one.
  2. ‘www’ resolves, but isn’t going through Cloudflare, and times out for me.
  3. Protocol: I suggest you set Minimum TLS version to 1.2 in the SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates section
  4. Mixed Content is a different issue: