Can't get my site to work anymore

I accidently added an MX record, deleted it instantly afterwards.
Ever since my site won’t come back online due to a DNS problem.

Everything is accessible on local ip.

Been troubleshooting for almost 3 hours now and I don’t know what else to do anymore.

  • Router portforwarding checked
  • IP address checked + A record checked
  • Restarted router + webserver device multiple times
  • Created another application than webserver exposed at port 80 and 443 to make sure it’s not a problem of the webserver itself, it’s not
  • Tried putting proxy on and off

Error: 523

Can someone help me out?

Hi @kenjibailly,

An MX record would only affect email, not the availability of your site.

This domain currently points to, which doesn’t seem to have any A records for your domain, hence why it doesn’t resolve. As your site isn’t pointing to Cloudflare, we can’t help you here. If you are still seeing a 523 error, it sounds like it may be cached on your end, but here’s some info:

A 523 error means your DNS settings are probably incorrect. Or, if it was working before with HTTP, but not with HTTPS, then it means your server isn’t configured to use HTTPS/SSL for your website. Get your host to install SSL and that should fix it. Review the Quick Fix Ideas in this Community Tip for troubleshooting ideas.

You saw it pointing wrong because it was a setting that wasn’t coming through just before I posted here.
It takes time in order for the setting to change back.

Anyway every page of my site even subdomains were working on HTTPS.
SSL is configured to Full in cloudflare.

What else can I do?

Correct. So, if you need assistance with troubleshooting Cloudflare settings, please leave the domain pointed at Cloudflare.

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