Can't get my page to forward

You don’t need to be a developer or even a system administrator to use Cloudflare, but, much like driving, it is easier if you understand certain concepts.

Which part the steps required to create the necessary DNS record is giving you trouble?

I created the DNS (I think). I didn’t receive an error and it went through. How long do you think it takes to see if it went through?

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That part is looking good. Now you just need to create the redirect rule.

You will want it to match:

Field Operator Value
Hostname equals

( eq "")


URL redirect

(NOTE: Use Status code 302 while you are testing. Once it is working properly, you can switch it to 301. A 302 is temporary and resets after every request. A 301 is a permanent redirect which is stored by the web browser. This means that any mistake in the URL will be retained by the browser even after it has been corrected.)

Type URL Status code
Static 301

Preserve query string

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OMG!!! It worked!!! You are amazing!! Thank you for ALL your help

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