Cant get my Cyberpanel to send SMTP trafic thru Cloudflare

I have a AWS instance with cyberpanel, but cant get mail working, hoping for the comunity to help.

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I will wait what answer you get, we have the same issue, Cloudflare should be more clear about restrictions, if this is the case.

We bought DNS domain to Cloudflare, main porpose is to use it w/SMTP mail relay. We have tried for weeks, it fails.

Any mail-related DNS records need to be set to :grey: DNS Only, as Cloudflare does not proxy mail connections unless you’re using Spectrum on an Enterprise plan.


Hello, and thanks for your reply. I registered our domain with cloudflare. And our CyberPanel server is an aws instance. As you know aws blocks port 25, so we are trying to use aws simple email service SES to relay our smtp traffic. For that effect we added some records on the cloudflare DNS so AWS SES could verify our domain. MX records in cloudflare are as follows:

MX mail
MX records in our cyberpanel server are as follows:

Those first two MX records, the ones you have here, are as you’ve set:

But the MX record for your domain points to a hostname that does not resolve (

You really need to get a mail admin to properly set up your DNS records for that service. Whatever that mail admin tells you to do, add those DNS records to Cloudflare in :grey: DNS Only mode, and Cloudflare will happily publish those records to the rest of the world as entered. Just as it’s done for your MX records.

You might ask for help at stackoverflow or serverfault, or look for more documentation at AWS.


Thanks for your reply, great help, I’m looking into it, I’m the admin for AWS, Cyberpanel and Cloudflare.

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We have been struggling to send SMTP traffic from our Cyberpanel tru Cloudflare, we tried all the tutorial, guide in internet. How do we get back the domain to buy it in another DNS register without the custom Nameserver restriction? Cloudflare should be clear about the restrictions.

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