Can't get Mailchimp to work. Bluehost says the problem is with Cloudflare. Can someone check my settings?

Mailchimp gave me CNAME and TXT info to enter into my host, so I have CNAME and TXT info entered into both Bluehost and Cloudflare and Mailchimp still says that the CNAME can’t be found.

Bluehost checked my settings a couple times and we made sure things are entered correctly. They said to contact Cloudflare so they can double check settings.

Can you help?

You most likely proxied that CNAME. Switch it from :orange: to :grey: and check if that fixes it.

ok trying now

Thanks for the help by the way!

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It was orange now its gray. mailchimp is still not authenticating

You might have to wait a bit. But it is difficult to say anything without the host names in question. You need to post more details, as well as the error message you are getting.

Directly from mailchimp:

DKIM: Create a CNAME record for with this value:

SPF: Create a TXT record for with:
v=spf1 ?all

From Bluehost:

I would suggest you to contact CloudFlare once to ad the records on the domain from their end directly
You can ask them to add the record as :
Host :
Points to :
Type : CNAME
TTL : Auto or 14400

You can add them as Host : or k1._domainkey

The TXT record looks all right, though you have two SPF entries, you might want to combine them.

As for the CNAME, that simply does not exist. Can you post a screenshot?

Can you show me what SPF record should look like? I don’t know how to make the two become one.

Screen shots coming in a minute!

As for the TXT record, you just need to combine the two includes


Whether you want ~all or ?all at the end depends on your personal preference for the default action and is something you need to choose.

Switch the name with the value. You created the CNAME the wrong way round.

Which would you choose because this is foreign to me

I’d recommend you read about the differences between these all settings and then make a decision.


@sandro Thanks for the help! I was able to fix it with your suggestions! By the way, I wasn’t able to send anymore messages the night we were talking because I have a new account and it only gave me like 10 posts for the first 24 hours. That was really annoying especially considering that cloudflare offers no customer service. I would definitely change that.

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Bumped your permissions up a bit, @user795, you should not hit that limit again.

Thanks @cloonan ! :+1:

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