Cant get mail from external sources

So I am a new subscriber to Cloudflare and it would appear that they mainly direct you here to the community for support. My issue is that since I proxied all my DNS through them that I cant access mail via my phone or any other software but I can login directly through the website’s webmail. I am basically getting the error that my server is not responding or that I cant connect to it. So if anyone could give guidance on this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

DNS records used for anything other than HTTP need to be grey-clouded. Hopefully you’re already using a subdomain like for your mail servers so you can selectively grey-cloud them while leaving your web-only DNS names orange-clouded.

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My MX, SPF and DMARC were all configured as DNS ONLY.

Im not sure what you mean by grey-cloud but any guidance is appreciated.

Do your MX records point to something like Or are you pointing at third-party mail servers? If you’re using your own mail servers, you need to make sure that any A / AAAA / CNAME records for (for example) are not orange-clouded. If you orange-cloud them, SMTP traffic to them will fail because the Cloudflare proxy is for HTTP only. Also if you have POP / IPAP / whatever servers under your domain (basically anything non-HTTP) you’ll need to make sure the relevant DNS entries are grey-clouded (DNS only)

Yes I have mail setup as a CNAME and that is how I access my email.

I dont have MAIL added to the DNS but will try that now and let you know.


That did it!!!

Thank you so much!

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