Can't get Forwarding URL Page Rule to work

I am attempting to redirect a domain I purchased from Cloudflare to a separate domain

(NOTE: I do not have hosting for and believe I would not need to for forwarding only – true?)

In this community, and elsewhere, I keep seeing a different interface than I am seeing when setting up, so I’m getting confused about solutions/troubleshooting.

See my screenshot for what I see and keep in mind I am non-technical!

Any help is appreciated ; )

You don’t need hosting, but you need a DNS record.

Add an A record of or AAAA record of 100:: as a dummy value for www (and for @ if you want to adjust your redirect so it also covers - make sure the record is proxied.

I suggest you use a redirect rule rather than a page rule as page rules will be deprecated later.

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Thank you – that worked!