Can't get Forwarding to work with & without www & https

I have a couple of issues with the forwarder…

I cant seem to find out how to cater for both www and without www and still redirect to the page in question, using $1 for example. I decided to do 2 different ones:

** ->$2* ->$1

But redirects to the root and not to

I just cant seem to get both with and without www rule to maintain the page name

Also, https is not even redirecting it just spins in the browser. I have added a SSL in Cloudflare.


Redirecting One Domain to Another covers all of that actually.

I presume you won’t be redirecting from :wink: so it might be useful to post the actual domains. They are possibly not proxied.

Also, post a screenshot of your page rules.

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I have enabled proxy settings in Cloudflare for both www and @

I think its working now…

Does Cloudflare take a long time to enable some features? I had another issue yesterday the Proxy took a while to “enable” and so revealed the server IP for some time. Not sure how long I gave up after 30 minutes. Same with this issue.

Redirects to at this point.

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