Can't get Cloudflare SSL Origin Cert to work for cPanel service subdomains

My Cloudflare SSL Origin Cert isn’t working for my cPanel service subdomains (e.g.,, etc.). All of my DNS is managed in Cloudflare and I have those service subdomains created there as un-proxied A records. How can I ensure the HTTPS is valid and forced for service subdomains like it is for my regular domain and subdomains?

And that’s the issue. An Origin certificate is not trusted by browsers, hence the warning.

Proxy the entry and it will work. Otherwise you need a publicly trusted certificate.

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@sandro Are there any pitfalls to proxying service subdomains? I obviously wouldn’t need to proxy, but for subs like or

It depends on the service. If you use anything apart HTTP, you cannot proxy in the first place. HTTP will generally work fine, though there are certain limits like request timeouts and a maximum volume for uploads.


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