Can't get CF working with

I’ve literally spent ALL day trying every combination possible.
I’m happy to give my login/password for someone to authenticate in on my behalf and check my setup!

We cannot use your username/password and sharing it with random strangers on internet forums is not advised. If you can explain the exact issue you’re having, or where you’re getting stuck, we can help you through the issue. It might also help if you share the domain you’re trying to set up.

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It’s giving me an SSL error.

That domain is using Siteground name servers. In that case, it sounds like you’re using Siteground’s Cloudflare partner setup. Siteground should be your point of contact to resolve this.

However, if you’d like to use a direct setup on Cloudflare, let us know and we can walk you through the process.

Thanks. I’m a brand new user with them. Almost shelled out $200.
Siteground have made it incredibly difficult to log tickets with them and i can’t seem to work out how to contact them.
The direct setup sounds epic. I’m just happy to talk to responsive humans…

If you’d like to proceed with this, undo the Cloudflare setup at Siteground. Let it settle for a bit, then make sure your site is stabilized and working with HTTPS. Once it’s back on its feet at Siteground, let us know.

Update - I have switched now switched to DigitalOcean.
I have followed a tutorial on youtube from awesome user TonyTeachesTech to install an OpenLiteSpeed droplet. This has now been resolved :slight_smile:

I now have 2 more questions (which could warrant a new thread, but what the ■■■■!)

  1. I seem to have 3 redirects going on in my chain.
    I think > > > or maybe even server rewrite rule for HTTPS - basically, there might be a double-up or triple up happening, maybe even wordpress is doing this too lol

how do I turn this redirect OFF on CF, i think my server is already doing the redirect!!!
when my site was in an incomplete stage there was a little 4 step wizard that included turned on broli etc, do you know how i can get back to that wizard? that was where i saw the option to disable the redirect

Maximum critical path latency: 630 ms

Initial Navigation



  • 170 ms, 4.78 KiB



  • 150 ms, 1.17 KiB



  • 140 ms, 2.10 KiB
  1. Redirects have been covered extensively:
    Search results for 'landing page redirect' - Cloudflare Community

  2. I don’t think that wizard will ever run again. Little bits pop up from time to time, but it’s just shortcuts to various settings in the dashboard.

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