Can't get basic test worker to work

I have a domain set up in my DNS for * It is set to “Proxied”.

I have a worker set up with the route: **

My deployed worker has this code (basically the “Hello World” in the docs.

    addEventListener("fetch", event => {
      return new Response("Hello worker!", {
        headers: { "content-type": "text/plain" }

I do not see the response when I request, either in the Worker quick editor, nor in a browser. The DNS routes correctly, but I can’t see the output from my Worker.

What am I missing?


Was there a specific hostname you’re testing it on? Unless you’re on an Enterprise plan, you can’t proxy (:orange:) wildcard subdomains. And, as that’s a third level subdomain, you’d need a special TLS/SSL certificate for it.

I have a SSL cert for this domain. I’m looking in the account and I can’t find anything to tell me what plan I’m on but I think it’s an enterprise plan. Where would I find that?

It’d in the Overview page for that domain, right column. And your bank account will be taking a major hit every month.

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I think you can’t beyond subdomain, as @sdayman said.
If you have an Enterprise account, contact support they will help with that.





I’m on the Enterprise plan.

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I had bad code, of course. But my worker is responding to a wildcard domain per Enterprise plan.

Thanks for the help.