Can't get autodiscover to work

We have started using cloudflare and emails are sending and receiving fine, however when trying to set up users in Outlook the autodiscover always fails. Can someone take a look at the settings and see where it’s wrong? Thanks

Hosted Exchange Settings

CNAME Autodiscover Record

The CNAME Autodiscover entry is needed in order for Exchange 2016 and Outlook 2013/2016 to function properly.

Please note : Using Outlook 2007 is not recommended with the Exchange 2016 environment and may not function correctly

This would especially relate to:

  • Free/Busy information in your calendar
  • Out of office messages setup in Outlook.
  • IMPORTANT – Proper syncing of Offline Address Book – which is what your exchange environment uses instead of the Global Address Book (GAL)
  • For externally connected clients (roaming users) the SSL certificate must include the CNAME Autodiscover record.
  • IMPORTANT – Outlook Anywhere – required for devices and mobiles etc.
  • IMPORTANT – Exchange ActiveSync
  • Unified Messaging

The Autodiscover service uses a user’s e-mail address and password to automatically configure a user’s profile. Using the e-mail address, the Autodiscover service provides the following information to the mail client:

  • The user’s display name.
  • Separate connection settings for internal and external connectivity.
  • The location of the user’s Mailbox server.
  • The URLs for various Outlook features that manage functionality such as OOF, free/busy information, Unified Messaging, and the offline address book.
  • Outlook Anywhere server settings.

In your client’s DNS settings set up the following CNAME record:

autodiscover.yourdomain pointing to

That sure looks good to me.

Is there a more detailed error message for the failed autodiscover?

p.s. That “SPF” record is probably unnecessary, as the “SPF” record type has been deprecated. Your TXT record should be enough.

after putting in the email address it takes around 2-3mins then comes back with this screen. It doesn’t even get as far as putting in the password.

I sure don’t like it when they give such vague error messages.

What happens if you go through the Troubleshooting prompts?

Was this procedure working before you switched to Cloudflare?

troubleshooting just gets you to fill out form for submission, totally pointless. Yes this was working before the change to cloudflare. At this point i’m going to look at it being an issue with Outlook as you have confirmed what i thought with the DNS being correct.

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