Can't get APO to work

Hi there,

I am trying to get APO to work on my site, but I haven’t succeeded yet :-S #CommunityTip

The site is:, it’s a wordpress site and I followed all instructions, like installing plugin, making an account on CF, activating it (with a Free account, but paying the 5,- fee/month) etc.

  • So the activation seemed to work, I was able to pay :slight_smile:
  • I don’t have interfering plugins as far as I know (from the from CF here)
  • I’ve searched here on the forum and on the WP forum, couldn’t find any posts on any solution?
  • Our hosting is at Kinsta, it was a tip from them on their blog, I’ve followed all their steps too.
  • I know there are 2 ways to check if it works, with the inspector in Chrome or through Terminal, both don’t show any Apo mentions.
  • Checked GTmetrix and there is no difference still in speed.

Am I missing something? Should I be transferring the domain name from my other host to CF for this or something like that? It didn’t say so in the instructions!?

I was looking forward to the speed increase, too bad it’s not working yet :frowning:

Anyone any tips?

grt Boris

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Your domain is not proxied through Cloudflare. Please follow this instructions to move nameservers to CF

Aha ok. Thx for the fast reply!
But normally the nameservers would direct from the registrar to Kinsta, right? So how does this work then!? I am a bit tech savvy, but not a lot :smiley:

Hey Yevgen,
I finally got it working now, thx!

But not in a good way, unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:
The site is a lot slower instead of faster ( measured by GT metrix)! :-S

Is there anything I can do about that? Because I don’t want to pay to make my site slower of course :yum:

grt Boris

Hi, thanks for trying out APO feature. Your site indeed didn’t benefit from HTML caching as I would expected. There is not one single problem with a site that stands out. It’s a death from thousand cuts as they say. I recommend deep performance audit of the js plugins and trackers, maybe you can remove unused parts from Google tag manager etc.

Hmmm, ok, that’s too bad :slightly_frowning_face:
That’s too complicated for me and their is no budget for that now unfortunately.
So can I cancel the subscription? And how do I do that? :wink:

grt Boris

In the Account/Billing/Subscriptions tab you should APO subscription.

Ok thx. The only thing is, I paid 5,- now and used it for one day, and it didn’t work. Do I get my money back then?

That I can’t say for sure.

Found this tool that highlights the cost of 3rd party tools running on the website, it proves the point that the most impact in terms of performance will come from 3rd party scripts cleanup:

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