Can't generate Origin Certificate

It was working fine this morning and it simply stopped working.

Always getting:

The following error occurred while parsing the API response: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data 

I’m trying to get a valid SSL install on my server. After tens of letsencrypt failures ( claims authority is not valid … anymore).
I would prefer more wildcard subdomains, but even 2 levels stops the cloudflare service !

UPDATE: even, * only, results in the same error!
I can’t get a certificate anymore.

UPDATE2: Can’t even logout, can’t even go back to login page! Only static home page is visible Apr 15, 18:08 GMT+2

Dashboard and API are down

Thanks @im11.
I have a chiil in the spine right now.

I thought it was local but using TOR, I’ve seen it’s global.

OK, will get a drink.

That was probably enough time for several drinks. Is it working now?

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