Can't Fully Use CIDR Addresses with Cloudflare Firewall

I am trying to utilize a CIDR IP Range and it is not allowed in Cloudflare. For instance, I am trying to whitelist CIDR IP range: The IP range of /27 (32 IP addresses) is not allowed in Cloudflare. Please fix this.

Rather, you cannot add /27 to the IP Access Rules?
As far as only /16 and /24 are accepted to put into the IP Access Rules, have you tried adding /27 into the Firewall Rule instead?


That is where I am trying to use /27, is in the firewall rules.

I tried now again and can confirm it accepts it on a Free plan (using is in operator):

Is the Firewall Rule the 1st from above (priority)?

My mistake. I need to add them to the Firewall-Tools- IP Access Rules.

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