Can't forward subdomain to discord invite

Hello I’m trying to redirect discord.mydomain to discord invite.
I followed this guide: Forward A Subdomain To Discord

But it doesn’t work for me, the issue I’m having is whenever I create a new subdomain called and go on it takes me straight to (main page) I’m using the same ip address for both of them main and subdomain so I’m guessing this might be the issue? Is there some sort of work around for this or do I have to buy another IP address or server and host a web server on there set that ip as my discord.subdomain and then create a page rule to forward to It seems kinda silly that I would need another IP address just to use a subdomain so I’m thinking it might be something in the way I set up my cloudflare, thought I would ask here.

Is your DNS record :orange: ? It needs to be in order for redirect rules to be able to take effect.

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SOLVED. All I had to do was delete the rule and deploy it again.

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