Can't fix "We need your help to finish connecting this domain to your site." at Godaddy

So recently I change my hosting for this domain, and have updated the IP address in the dns page
Screenshot 2021-03-23 180802

I also transferred my domain from Godaddy to Namecheap and then readded it to Cloudflare about a week ago. Cloudflare has retrieved my old settings(As I’d deleted the site and added it again) Now I’ve changed the DNS A record to the new IP provided by Godaddy i.e but still getting this error. DNS record snapshot provided below.

My website is live and working properly for some time but then it gets down, I contacted Godaddy support and they said it’s because of the DNS error.
What works is, when I click on the Orange button in front of the DNS A record, Godaddy recognizes the DNS and shows the site is connected successfully but when I click on the proxied button again the error comes again.

Alternatively, when I pause Cloudflare on-site, the error on Godaddy is fixed too. But as I want to use Cloudflare for Firewall, SSL, and other features I need my DNS to be with Cloudflare.
Can anyone help?

Ok, have you followed the steps given to you by godaddy? Alternatively you could allow cloudflare IPv4 and IPv6 addresses a list is available at IP Ranges | Cloudflare

They probably expect (for the purposes of verification at least) to see the true IP, so you’d want to set the DNS record to :grey: DNS Only and verify before setting it back to :orange: Proxied.

For how long? I mean I’d done it and verified. Then again after 5 to 10 mins when I proxied it again the error show again.

Yes, they asked to add DNS A record which I’ve done. I don’t think the IP Ranges of Cloudflare could help in any way-at least in my case.

Well if all their check is doing is seeing if the site points to their IP… it won’t when the request is being proxied. So the ‘alert’ is a red herring most likely. But it is pointed to the right origin so without knowing more about what happens / what error occurs when you say the site goes down it’s not possible to say what the actual issue is.

When I un proxy it, the website shows not-secure and does not open, so I’ve to enable the proxy. I’ve enabled flexible ssl, may be it is causing it.

@MoreHelp Please look in to issue and help me.

Hi @gsdryfruits, when you unproxy your record then you cannot use the Cloudflare certificate anymore.
Please refer to this article for more details:

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What does this mean?

The UI/UX error in Godaddy’s console can’t be fixed. Rather than focus on it, please describe what happened when your site went down.

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