Can't fix error 522

Hello there,

I’m struggling to fix the 522 error on my website. I’ve whitelisted all the CL IPs, my hosting provider said that there are no issues on their end and they even killed all the process running on my plan but the error is still happening!

How can I fix it?


The website is

522s are covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out

Assuming that your server IP address ends in 72 it appears as if your server was simply not up/reachable.

I already looked at that link and did everything they say with no luck. I triple checked with my hosting provider and they said that the server is working and there are no issues on their end

Well, taking my previous statement into account that would obviously not be true then.

You can easily verify that by pausing Cloudflare.

Tried that but it didn’t fix it

Precisely. Only your host can fix that.

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