Can't find where my domain is hosted

Hello. I can’t figure this one out. For various reasons I have used three different companies for buying domain names throughout the years.

In January I purchased a domain related to survival. I now want to transfer it to a particular hosting company. But the domain is not parked at any of the three companies I have used. So I did a search to find out where the domain is hosted.

The results stated that my site ( is hosted on Cloudflare. The results showed a snippet of my home page, and it was indeed my site.

I don’t understand what’s going on. I checked my CF account and I have no websites listed. In fact, I haven’t even been on the CF website for over a year. Any ideas on what has happened?

I simply want to retrieve my domain so I can connect to a hosting company. Thanks in advance - Brian.

That site is most definitely not hosted here. It’s WordPress, so it has to be hosted at a regular website host. It’s just using Cloudflare DNS and proxy services.

Your domain is registered through ENOM, or one of their resellers. You can re-point your DNS through them so it goes to your new hosting company.

Aha, I see now. I have never conducted any business with ENOM, but I did with one of its resellers (I just didn’t know it at the time). I get it now. Thanks sdayman.

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I just did another check via ICANN and its results were…




What does this mean? My site is online, so who the heck is hosting it???

:man_shrugging: You would know more about your hosting than I.

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