Can't find where my client's website is hosted

I have a client that have 2 sites.
I created One of them . The other site is an quite old web site wich was created by someone else.

Last friday he called me saying the site was offline. Bandwith exceeded.
But he didn’t know where the site is hosted.

I used a whois and it pointed to cloudflare.
My cliente said he didn’t even know what is cloudflare.

So I tryed different tools online, including a tray that pointed to 2 hosts here in Brazil: Locaweb and Umbler as in its dns history.

I talked to these 2 hosts and they said the site wasn’t there.

Is there a way to discorver this?


Do you have access to the Cloudflare account that domain is using?

Does the Bandwidth exceeded message give any hints?

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