Cant find website IP address. Purchased site through go daddy

Tried to forward my website to another site. It made my subdomains stop working, so i removed that, but its still forwarding my site and messing with my subdomains. The A name in godaddy just shows parked and godaddy tells me i need to replaced parked with my website IP address. But i cantt find it. Please help!

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What’s the domain and pause Cloudflare for now.

its, with my subdomain being

That domain is not using Cloudflare.

I just paused it. Up until i tried to forward it it was. Now in godaddy it shows parked on the A name. Godaddy tells me i need the ip address for my website to replace PARKED with

it keeps forwarding to a canva website

Your domain is not using Cloudflare to begin with.

  1. Keep it paused
  2. Configure the domain for Cloudflare
  3. Clarify with your host which DNS entries you need and configure those on Cloudflare
  4. Verify the site is loading fine on HTTPS - if it doesn’t contact your host
  5. Once everything loads fine on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare
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Im honestly not certain how to confugure the domain. Would it be easier to just remove the domain from cloudflare and re-set it up?

Not necessarily, because Cloudflare will cache the DNS entries.

But the issue is not Cloudflare, but that the site does not load in general. That’s something you need to clarify with your host.

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I spent 40 mins on the phone with them. They said its because the A name is showing as PARKED and it needs to websites IP address. According to them that will fix it. I just cant find the website IP address to fix it

Again, your domain is not using Cloudflare, so anything you need to configure here, you need to clarify with your host.

But if you just want to forward your domain, you want to take a look at Redirecting One Domain to Another

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