Can't find the correct ip address for my purchased cloudflare domain?

Hi all,
I’ve purchased a new domain through buy domain in Cloudflare dashboard, I added a website but I am having difficuties to setup the A , AAAA, CNAME records, I can not find the correct ipv4 or ipv6 to redirect to correct ip, I also got this

If you are using Cloudflare Pages then you should configure the domain there. If you are using a separate web host then you will need to get the IP from them.

thank you for your answer domjh, yes I am using Cloudflare 100%, I do not have another host, but where can i find the ip for the DNS records?

I am here

How is your site hosted? Is it on Pages connected to GitHub/GitLab or on Workers or what?

well good question, I do not know, I am totally new to Cloudflare, I bought the domain from Cloudflare and thought that I can use Cloudflare for hosting

Cloudflare provides hosting for static sited aimed at developers with If you’re looking for traditional hosting then Cloudflare does not provide that.

so in this case I should create a new project and link it to github and deploy it there right? but I can not link my new domain that I bought as a url just like normal hosting?

Yes, if you want to use Pages I’d recommend following this guide:

If you get hosting elsewhere then you can point your domain there.

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Thank you very much domjh!

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