Can't find reported A records in a DNS table for my domain

Running this command:


Returns the following (posting only ANSWER SECTION for brevity):

;; ANSWER SECTION:        26      IN      A        26      IN      A

However, I do not see any A records with these IPs in the DNS settings for

What am I missing?

If you’re looking at the Cloudflare DNS page for your domain, scroll down a bit to the Name Servers section. Are your name servers Charles and Mary? If so, can you post a screen shot of the DNS list on that page?

Are your name servers Charles and Mary?

Yes, charles and mary.

@sdayman are you asking me to post a list of DNS records in this thread? Perhaps I could send it to you in as a private message instead?

How about a screenshot of just the first few records. You can black out the IP addresses if you’d like.

Figured it out I think.

Looks like the problem was this record + applied CNAME flattening?

It was super counterintuitive that this would resolve to the IPs listed above :expressionless: Here’s what I get when attempting to add another custom domain in Webflow:

Not a problem per se. It is not possible to have a CNAME record for the root of a domain, but there are valuable reasons one might want that. Cloudflare allows you to create a CNAME but then when a 3rd party service asks for the value Cloudflare returns the resolved IP addresses of the CNAME target.

That’s why Webflow’s documentation has one add 2 A records instead… since very few DNS providers offer a service similar to :logo:


Super cool, thanks for confirming this!