Can't find "Replace with Cloudflare's nameservers"

Hi, Im trying to Change domain nameservers to Cloudflare with this guide
but I can’t find item “Replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers”. I need Cloudflare’s nameservers to make my Cloudflare CDN tool work on SiteGround.

I did all these steps below but don’t see “Replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers”.

1. Copy information from Cloudflare

Once you have added an application to Cloudflare, that application will receive two assigned nameservers. You will need this information for future steps.

To get this information:

  1. In the Cloudflare dashboard, select your account and newly added domain.

  2. Copy the information from Replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers .

Try visiting and you should find your assigned nameservers there for the website in question.

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