Can't find my name servers (setup through namecheap)


hi, I am new in here but I have this issue of unable to locate my nameserver from the dashboard. I had watched many tutorials follow the cloudflare instruction but still the same.

I need the nameserver to complete my SSL setup for my website. Thanks in anticipation

After switching nameservers to Cloudflare, DNS records are incorrect

Did you set up Cloudflare from a partner host? In my setup, the name servers are listed on Cloudflare’s DNS tab below all the DNS entries.


yes, i did that with namecheap


If you have done that through Cloudflare account, then you can find the nameservers in DNS panel, which can be found at

By Scrolling down you will find something like this, which has your cloudflare nameservers mentioned.

If you have set up the Cloudflare through any partner host like cpanel or something, you do not need to change name server as they work through CNAME configuration.