Can't find my domain in Cloudflare

Hello, I have a domain that is said to be hosted by Cloudflare. Originally, this domain was under godaddy, but I had deleted the site over a year ago. I was recently trying to regain access to the domain and said it was hosted by Cloudflare. I can’t get into Cloudflare because I don’t know what email I’m registered under, or what my password is.

I’m trying to correct my MX records with Google Workspace so that I can use the email that is associated with the domain. I can’t correct the MX records because I cannot access the Cloudflare account.

I don’t have an active domain so I can’t find out what email is associated with the domain so I can’t activate the domain to put in the proper MX records to start receiving emails at [email protected] in Google Workspace.

Could you please help me gain access to my Cloudflare account?

This would be greatly appreciated because this is a very difficult issue to resolve.

The domain does use Cloudflare for DNS at the moment, the only way if you have forgotten the email and can’t find any reference to it is to use this tool.

That will send an email to the account with that domain.

If you don’t get an email or still can’t access it then you will need to change the nameservers at your registrar to point elsewhere or create a new Cloudflare account and point it there.


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