Cant find my cloudflare nameservers

My site already added to cloudflare, but i havent changed the name servers on my domain registar. I looked at the help section and read the articles about his subject but it says to go t my account and go to to either overview and it shows the nameservers or go to dns and it will show my cloudflare nameservers so i can add to my domain regisrar, but it only shows under dns that i need to add a TXT to verify ownership. i did this but siteground is telling me i need to change my nameservers to cloudflares. where can i find cloudflare name servers that i need to change to?

Did you activate Cloudflare through Siteground? Can you post a screenshot of your DNS screen here? Go ahead and black out any IP addresses if there are any.

Yes, through siteground. Is this the dns screen you mean?

That’s what I was looking for. Your DNS is at SiteGround. It looks like you need to add that TXT record to your DNS records at SiteGround.

If SiteGround Support is telling you to change your name servers to Cloudflare’s…then they don’t know how their own partner setup works.

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my whoe site just went down now says 404 error on foront end and if i try to log in to wp admin. could this be because i added the TXT wrong?

It’s working for me, but it’s not using Cloudflare at all.

ok, i did the TXT and purged cache. Can you tell me if cloudflare is working now? i am not sure whats happening but my speed test went much worse now

Also, is there any downsside or cons to turning on the AMP Real URL ?

No change.

how long should it take to show a change after i added the TXT like it says?

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