Can't find IPv4 Address


i recently purchased a domain on NameCheap and use Cloudflare’s DNS. I saved the Cloudflare Nameservers on NameCheap as well. I don’t have a website yet so no web hosting provider. As of right now, I just have NameCheap as domain registrar, and Cloudflare for DNS Services. I also have a Google Workspace account registered with the domain.

I checked the audit logs and there’s no record of anything with an IPv4 Address at all. Nothing created, nor deleted, that has anything to do with an IPv4 Address.

Does anyone know how I can find the IPv4 Address? I believe it is the cause of many issues I’m facing with this domain, including email deliverability issues. I purchased other domains too on NameCheap and use Cloudflare for DNS and have no issues with those, and the IPv4 record is there.


You get an IP address from yourhosting provider once you have a website. It is completely unrelated to email.

What are your email issues?

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the email issues i had were that emails weren’t getting sent at all. i got an automated message from gmail saying “Message Blocked”, but i just tested it out again and it seems to be working now. I assume because i added the SPF, DKIM and DMARC records now.

However, i’m wondering if i’ll run into other issues because i checked my domain on this website:
Domain DNS Health Checker - Check DNS, Blacklist, Email, MX Health
and it shows an error that my IPv4 Address cannot be found.

I have 2 other domains with the exact same scenario as described in my post, without a website, and Cloudflare has an A Record with the IPv4 Address, and I’ve not run into any issues with them. So that’s why I’m a bit confused about it.

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