Can't find IP / Can't access site

Hi, i submitted new DNS from CF around 8 hours ago and since then my site is not available - it writes “Can’t find IP”. I made a call to my provider and it says everything is fine - CF ip’s are not blocked. So what is the problem then?

You need to post more details. Post as many technical details as you can, otherwise nobody can help you.

My site is:

That is as many details as you can post?

Hello, my name is Max. I am 33 years old, dark hair, snow white smile. Around 8 hours ago I drank a cup of tea with milk (around 350 ml) followed by a small piece of chocolate (don’t remember the brand) and decided to speed up my site. So I decided to use Cloudflare for that purpose. Following by the instructions I entered the new DNS addresses and at my hosting provider panel instead of the old ones. Since that time my site is not available. As I said it says the page is not available / can’t find IP. That’s all the details I have by the moment.

Admittedly, a nifty response but not much more help either for the subject at hand ;).

Anyhow, you have a DNS record for “www” but none for your naked domain, though you are redirecting from “www” to your naked domain and that cant work. You will need to set up a DNS record for your naked domain.


So what should be the DNS record
Like A / Root domain / What should be the IP?

Wherever it should point to. You need to know that.

I guess the same as in WWW case


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Thank you anyway :wink:

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