Can't find IP address for (page doesn't respond)


I’ve tried finding answer to the problem among existing topics. But didn’t find. So I would much appreciate if someone could help me here.

Here is the problem:

I host my website with hostgator. Have 2 addresses:

domain -
subdomain -

I’ve successfully pointed DNS to Cloudflare and the main domain works fine.

Then I’ve added subdomain as a record: CNAME, name - subdomain, address - the subdomain itself with no https or www. But the subdomain does not respond now.

It worth to note that the site under the subdomain is hosted with another website builder - Tilda. I have a subdomain set up there. It pointed to Hostgator and worked fine. Now it’s not the case and the only direction i receive from tilda is to resolve it with Cloudflare.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Loads fine for me and at

Its probably a DNS propagation issue in your case. Wait a couple of hours and then try again.

Update: the issue is solved. Thanks.