Cant find email associated with website

I am trying to update our website but we can’t find the registrar login info. When I search online it says Cloudflare is hosting and I don’t know what email was used to create the old website. I know it recommends switching the website, but can I not just change the email on file?

Have you tried the Forgot Email link for the login at

Also, it’s highly unlikely that Cloudflare is hosting the site. It’s probably just proxying traffic for your existing host.

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Thanks for your reply! i did use the Forgot Email link and it’s not coming to the email that we are using. We bought the office from someone else and are trying to pick up the pieces. I attached a picture of how I got to Cloudflare. We are trying to update the existing website but our website people need the login and I cant find it.

You may be a bit stuck here, but it looks like your domain is at Verisign/ Do you still have control over that account?

And if the site is hosted somewhere, someone should be paying that monthly bill.

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