Can't find CNAME records from domains

I’m trying to setup Sendgrid for my domain I have multiple domains with Cloudflare and this is the first time I’ve encountered this kinda issue.

Sendgrids setup can’t detect the CNAME used. The records are not proxied with Cloudflare. I can see them in cloudflare and when I do export for the DNS I can see them as expected.

Also I cannot see the TXT records when trying to find them with or similar.

Has there been some changes to Cloudflare or is somebody else experiencing this “new behaviour” too?

What is your domain, and which subdomain is the CNAME on?

The domain is like I mentioned:

Sendgrid asks to populate five different CNAME records, here’s a few: > > >

The first two work fine, the domainkey does not. Can you show a screenshot of the record?

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That’s what I’m getting from Sendgrid aswell.

Both of the domainkeys are not working and the TXT record is not showing.

Ahh, got it.

Cloudflare didn’t strip the main domain from the CNAME, it did it automatically for the others.

Now it’s working, when I ditched the domain name from the records.


Thanks for your help @Laudian! I’m pretty sure if hadn’t posted a question here, I’d miss this :smiley:

You had 3 p’s in remppa in your screenshot. Same for the dmarc record.

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Yeah, you are right.

That is strange, I just copied them from sendgrids form. It had a copy option… guess I need the weekend ahead. Thanks again!


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