Cant find cloudflare account that was used to setup cloudflare on a domain

Hello… I’m a website builder, recently I undertook a website revamp job for a client’s domain. The domain is running on cloudflare but my client cant find the account or user that setup the cloudflare for the domain because it was done a while back & we cant detect who did it for us. How do I go about finding this information as I need to login & do some cloudflare tweaking for the site. Appreciate all help in advance

Hi @y_axis, unless you can find/your client can find the login details, you won’t be successful in recovering access to the domain in cloudflare. Your best bet is to add the domain to a new account in cloudflare and have the domain registrar change the name servers to the two assigned by cloudflare.

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Thank you for your reply cloonan… appreciate it

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