Can't find "Always Use HTTPS" in Page Rules

I just added a new domain to my Cloudflare account and notice that there is no “Always Use HTTPs” setting in Page Rules. I can still find it on my older domains. Does Cloudflare not provide this feature to new domains any more?

The “Always Use HTTPS” option will only appear if your zone has an active SSL certificate associated with it on Cloudflare.

So you will have to wait a little bit till the certificate is issued and activated.


Thank you Martin. I see under ‘Crypto’ that my certificate is still in the process of getting issued. That solves it. Appreciate your help.

My certificate is issued. Website is working over https but still no option “Always use HTTPS” at page rules. How long do I need to wait after the certificate issued.

That’s strange. It took some time for my certificate to be issued. But as soon as it got done, I could immediately see the ‘Always use HTTPs’ option.

Website is working over https

Can you elaborate on this?

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I was waiting for about 30 minutes and the option appeared .

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