Can't find a way to sign up for SXGs with Automatic Platform Optimization

Hi. Yes, SXGs work with any website.

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Hi cloudcreatr. We are aware of this issue and hopefully it will be resolved early next week. I will also post an update here.

You will be able to use SXGs since you already have the APO.

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I just clicked mine once on a Pro Plan site and now it looks like this:


Now it’s showing (free plan + APO), but “Join Waitlist” is in disabled status.

Hope it will be OK soon.

Any updates on those who are on the waitlist?

You can now join the waitlist :wink:

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Awesome, can we use that with the AMP Real URL feature? My website is AMP-only. Thanks!

Thank You :slight_smile: .

I’m able to join the waitlist now.


Is anyone here admitted to the waitlist program?

Yes. I’m in waitlist.

Any update on waitlist?

Still waiting here like everyone else… Finger’s crossed

Has anyone been onboarded into the Automatic Signed Exchanges (SXGs) yet?

On waitlist here…

Today I could turn Automatic Signed Exchanges (SXGs) on, so maybe it’s available for you as well? :slight_smile:

Hi flo1. Yes, we enabled the Beta for all the zones that meet the requirements.

I will create a thread soon to announce this :slight_smile:


Thank You @flo1 ) . I got it.

Just got accepted into the beta, however I cannot see SXG in the headers, so not sure if it is actually working or not, been active for 6 hours now.

Hi folks. We just opened the Beta to all eligible zones.

I also created this thread to gather feedback: Automatic Signed Exchanges (SXGs) Beta Launch

Please let us know there if you have any issues.

Thank you.


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