Can't figure out why I can't transfer domains over

When I go to the domain transfer page of the Cloudflare registrar, none of the domains I want to transfer appear as available for transferral.

I have gotten in contact with the registrar the domains are with, and they said that the domains are unlocked. I can freely access the EPP codes. They said that there shouldn’t be any issue in moving them, and to contact Cloudflare.

An example of the domains in question is and Both of these domains have been renewed ( renewed a few days ago), were purchased well over 60 days ago, have had their nameservers changed to Cloudflare and have their DNS managed by Cloudflare - all that’s left is to transfer the domains over to Cloudflare’s registry. I can’t see anything wrong with them using

If anyone from Cloudflare could help with this I’d be hugely appreciative, I’ve a couple of domains in which I can’t figure out where the issue lies in Cloudflare not automatically seeing the domains available for transfer.

Unfortunately, .ie isn’t on “the list”.


Ah ok, that makes sense, didn’t see that page before. Is there any development towards supporting national TLDs like .ie?

That page is all the information we have. ccTLD support is a slow process.

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I think country specific TLDs are more than likely a bit more complex to add than the generic ones, at least that’s how it definitely seems.
I’m sure CF are adding as many as fast as they can, but some registries no doubt simply wont want CF to be a Registrar for them for various reasons.


Thanks for all the information lads, I appreciate the quick help. Enjoy your week!


ccTLDs are tricky, as they all do their own thing, and it’s probably a nightmare to build a Registrar when you deliberately set out to make no profit from the activity yet have to support hundreds of moving parts.

My hope is that once .ca is done that .ie will follow, as the Canadian Internet Registration Authority powers both ccTLDs.


Interesting, didn’t know the Canadian Internet Registration Authority was in charge of .ie, thought that was an Irish operation run in an Irish university here.

I’ll be waiting for the day .ie is ready anyway. I’ve deeply appreciated the services Cloudflare has offered over the years, unbeatable expertise and service, truly empowering users in today’s oppresive tech climate.

They are not in charge of it, but their platform and services are contracted for the backend.

While the official holder of the ccTLD is UCD, it’s run by a private company in Dún Laoghaire, IE Domain Registry Limited. The politics of which is only to be told over pints.

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