Can't exit ZeroTrust Organization

First i join in an organization on my Mac, which don’t allowed user exit the organization.
Than i turned to [My Team]->[Devices] and clicked the [Revoke] bottom.
After that my WARP client can not connected to Cloudflare Network anyway.

I can’t click [Logout from Cloudflare ZeroTrust] even after i turned on the bottom which allow user exit the organization.
I think i can’t exit the organizaion now. Also re-installed is useless. :(((((((((

首先我在我的Mac设备上的WARP里加入了一个团队,但是那个团队的设备规则不允许设备退出。我随后从[My Team]->[Devices]点击了Revoke,但是我的设备并没有退出这个团队,我尝试重新打开连接开关也没有办法连上,一直在Connecting。我随后在设备规则里打开了允许用户离开组织,但我的WARP仍然无法点击退出。重装了WARP也没有用。