Can't ever get into Area 1 and the support system portal to submit a ticket loops

I’ve been trying and trying to log into the system for months to even begin a single area 1 service, no matter how many retries, the chatbot keeps repeating itself and the password reset doesn’t send anything.

click on forgot password and I get:


I click on the blue botton and nothing, a quick cycle and nothing.

I’ve checked my spam filtering, mail flow reports, I get nothing from cloudflare except the occasional report and ssl cert transparency.

I don’t know who to contact, support chatbot doesn’t want get me support, I paid for these accounts and it keeps telling me to do the same thing over and over which isn’t working.

Is there a support number for cloudflare? Anyone else experience this?

Support options vary by plan type. Are you able to login here and create an account ticket? . If you are, please file an Account ticket with the Support team and share your ticket number here.

If not, let us know here. Sorry for the issues you’re facing.

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