Can't even submit support ticket?

My PAID site is broken because the system is responding with the wrong dns records.

I can’t submit a support request - the support form errors with: “API Request Failed: POST /api/v4/accounts/cd8236f8e67781370fbc9f3a33dae08b/support/ticket/create (403)”

My request to [email protected] was auto-resolved. This is terrible service. I am livid right now.

Additionally the support email contains a URL which purports to be to my ticket, but it just 404s. What is going on?

I’m sorry to hear about this.

Are the records proxied? Did you use a SaaS provider previously and does the below information help in the meantime?

This does sounds quite bad. Is this an account that you have Super Administrator or Administrator permissions on? Are you able to get the API response from your browser’s devtools at all?

What is the URL / ticket ID?

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Hey thank for your reply. I’m the super admin & logged in as such. I read in the support email auto response that I can get access to 24x7 chat if I upgrade so I did, and now I can’t find the chat anywhere. I’m about ready to throw CF in the bin. but I’ve been a paid customer for YEARS and this is the first major problem I’ve had.

The support url given in the email, which auto-resolved again when I replied - even tho it says I should reply to re-open!! - is:

It should appear in the bottom right hand corner of the dashboard if you have a Business plan or higher. Recent plan changes may take some time to show changes.

Thanks for that. I’ve escalated your ticket to customer support.

yeah thanks. it did take some time to show.

i finally got to chat to someone but they don’t know what’s going on either and were about to submit a ticket - I asked them to stop the system from auto-resolving the existing ticket instead. :unamused:

also, they can see the support ticket url just fine apparently, but it’s still a 404 for me & I have the screenshot to prove it. :person_facepalming:t2:

Hi Erisa, thanks for the response - the problem was actually the captive hostname & the solution was “liberation”.

I had changed the DNS over for about 30 seconds before I noticed an issue and changed it back. I’ve been doing this for two decades and had never encountered a situation where some other service could remotely control the DNS; still blows my mind. Unfortunately nothing in that title clued me in that it was applicable at all. I don’t control the service we’re migrating to so didn’t realise CF was also enabled there.

Thanks again!

CF isn’t off the hook for the broken support form tho. :rage:

Glad to hear that helped.

The issue was escalated earlier, I expect someone will look into it at some point.

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