Can't enable universal ssl

Universal SSL Status Certificate Pending Validation

it’s over 3 days. please check


Try the quick fixes in this Tip:

Your domain does not point to Cloudflare but to your host. You first need to change the nameservers.

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how can I change the name servers. I am junior for it

I am trying too many time. But I can’t solve it

Why not? What is unclear about the article?

If you are doing copy/paste make sure there is no white space or other hidden characters.

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Hi @uchki9909, who is the domain registrar? If you find them on this list,, click through to the supporting directions. Each registrar is slightly different. Once you make the change, it could take up to 24 hours to be seen. But, it’s usually faster than that, unless there is an issue.

The best host in the world :roll_eyes:

“Who’s your daddy?”, to quite Mr. Stinson



Can you elaborate what is unclear about the linked article?

I don’t know that how can I change. Please help me

I’ve had domains with them and you make the name server change via their site. Directions here,

  1. Go to the DNS Management page.
  2. On the DNS Management page, under Nameservers , click Change .
  3. Under Choose your new nameserver type , select Custom .
  4. Enter the custom nameservers your hosting provider Cloudflare gave you and click Save .

thanks for detail answer. Cloudflare name server = godaddy name server

Is it true?

Yes, you take the 2 name servers associated with your Cloudflare account and use those instead of the ones that godaddy assigned, they call it a custom name server. Once you complete that, you’ll only have 2 name servers listed and they’ll be and

Edit - yes the copy/paste @Xaq advised helps avoids typos

copy from Cloudflare name server paste to godaddy?

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