Can't enable SSL in domain


My problem is that I can’t make my website work with Cloudflare SSL.
It still says it is using let’s encrypt SSL.

I am using the same settings from another account that it works and also the same server settings. So I have no idea what the problem can be.

What I did was to install Let’s encrypt certificate before I add the domain in Cloudflare, then i changed nameservers and when the website was ready I enabled SSL in Cloudflare. (I tried all SSL options available)

I can give the website URL in private.

Thanks a lot!

Hello, I am checking this website selesti website to check if Cloudflare ssl is working
All my domains works except the 2 that I have added this week. (on New Cloudflare Account)
For the last 2 it says:
domain is using Cloudflare DNS!
domain is using Cloudflare CDN/Proxy!
domain is NOT using Cloudflare SSL

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