Can't enable SaaS, Help please

I added my billing information and then click “Enable Cloudflare for SaaS”, but it just show me a loading page and I’m stuck there, as shown in the picture. Any help is appreciated!

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Same issue. Mark.

I have the same issue. Mark.

Thanks for reporting this, I can confirm it is an issue that I can reproduce and I am escalating it.


Trying to click enable Cloudflare for saas fails with an infinite loop of redirects.

The specific path is:
My website → SSL/TLS → Custom Hostnames → Enable Cloudflare for Saas button

This is the first time I try to enable the custom Hostnames function of SaaS, and I have successfully added a credit card. And other payment functions are normal.

@cf149 I’ve merged your topic here as it’s the same issue. Cloudflare are aware of it now, thanks for reporting!

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We currently have engineers working on a fix for this issue, and will let you know when we have an update.


We have now pushed out the fix for this issue. Please try again and let us know if the problem continues.


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