Can't Enable DNSSEC


I’m the domain owner of xn–andre-is– which I bought (rented?) from Porkbun. I’m currently having difficulty on enabling DNSSEC for my domain. It is stuck on

DNSSEC is pending while we wait for the DS to be added to your registrar. This usually takes ten minutes, but can take up to an hour.

message for at least a day (though I have tried to disable and re-enable it).

I’m sorry if my understanding is wrong as I’m still new about this stuff (this is my first domain). Before enabling DNSSEC in CF, I have:

  1. Changed Authorative Nameservers in Porkbun’s control panel to CF’s servers
  2. Added DNSSEC records (Digest, Digest Type-2, Algorithm, and Key Tag) to dsData section in DNSSEC record page for my domain from Porkbun’s control panel

Based on my tests at DNSViz and DNSSEC Analyzer at VeriSign Labs it looks like Porkbun have done their part as I have also tried to add a dummy DNSSEC entry and it shows properly on the test sites (I have since removed the entry though).

If anyone can help or point me to the right direction I’ll really appreciate it.

Thank you!

You’re probably facing the same issue as this person:


Thank you for the pointer!

So I’ll need support directly from CF? How would I go to do that as I can’t directly create a ticket (I’m a free user)?

Thank you!

You can ticket via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com. Be sure to specifically describe the problem to them, including your actual domain name as well as the punycode.


Thank you for the tips!
I have sent an email to the support team.

Can someone please escalate my case as I have been told by the bot that email support is unavailable for my account? My case number is 2338588.

Thank you very much!

Just a note that I’m currently disabling DNSSEC until this issue can be resolved as my site is unreachable otherwise.

Looking forward for the fix.

Thank you for the ticket number. I have escalated it.


I just saw this:



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