Can't enable DNSSEC (popup doesn't appear)

The interface doesn’t respond to “Enable DNSSEC” button clicks, an JavaScript error appears in the developer console from DevTools: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'domain_protection_services')

P.S. The error is easily reproduced for a domain name that uses the so-called punycode (for a regular domain name the interface works as intended, at least at first glance)

Full stack trace of the error
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'domain_protection_services')
    at fc150591e668326d2320.js:1:6131
    at p (app.2a3000acefe0cf16e4f3.js:2:149416)
    at Generator._invoke (app.2a3000acefe0cf16e4f3.js:2:151437)
    at x.<computed> [as next] (app.2a3000acefe0cf16e4f3.js:2:149912)
    at F (fc150591e668326d2320.js:1:4040)
    at u (fc150591e668326d2320.js:1:4237)
    at fc150591e668326d2320.js:1:4296
    at new Promise (<anonymous>)
    at fc150591e668326d2320.js:1:4178
    at Object.Xr (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:12:1175)
    at Xn (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:12:1329)
    at Gn (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:12:1386)
    at te (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:12:1584)
    at _e (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:12:2039)
    at be (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:12:1849)
    at Lt (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:12:2202)
    at vs (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:13:24763)
    at Qi (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:15:24671)
    at zo (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:13:25378)
    at Sl (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:13:26002)
    at ur (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:13:25623)
    at S.unstable_runWithPriority (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:22:3592)
    at Gt (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:13:41183)
    at Bi (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:15:24532)
    at ys (ecf1a39d3fea35fd760c.js:13:25046)
    at (70e85886538b648c6585.js:1222:22195)

So I created a few internationalized domains (UTF-8), for example " テスト.io" (テスト.io), and trying to enable DNSSEC settings. Everytime when I click on the “Enable DNSSEC” button, nothing happens. And when I check the console, there were errors, see image below:

Would be great if someone can provide a solution for this issue, thanks!

You are right. I escalated this and let’s see how quickly I will have feedback :slight_smile:

Will keep you posted


Just a quick update, that I do not have an update yet. I wouldn’t expect anything before tomorrow, but will still keep you updated.

No fix yet, but escalating the escalation :wink:

Issue is with engineering at this point. Will keep you posted.

I‘ve got the same issue with an IDN domain name.
Also waiting for fix or workaround :slight_smile:

Update: no fix yet :slight_smile:

Second update: mentioned a workaround that completely escaped me :blush: you can use the API → Cloudflare API v4 Documentation

I just verified it and it does enable DNSSEC properly. You can use that way until the UI got fixed.

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Thanks Sandro for the updates. Really appreciated for the communication

My pleasure. No updates yet, hence no posting today.

For the time being I would recommend to use the API workaround. It’s purely a UI issue and the API will work.

Will keep you posted.

I am afraid for the time being the API really is the only way to enable that. Engineering can’t provide an ETA for a fix, so it may take a while.

Should there be any updates, I’ll let you know.

Okay, I successfully enabled it through API access. Thanks again for the workaround

I think I found another issue with internationalized domains: mTLS host name does not work with UTF8 and internationalized domains

mTLS hosts registration won’t take it at all, would be great if you could take a look or provide a workaround. I already checked API docs, but did not find the relative API for mTLS hosts registration

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