Can't enable 2FA for my account


When I try to enable 2FA for my account I get this error message without any reasonable explanation:

Anybody has experienced this same issue? Any idea how I can solve it?

Thanks in advance

Can you go to

and enable 2FA?
Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 10.15.31 AM

That option is disabled and I can’t change it. When hovering the mouse over that option, a red icon (forbidden - circle with a diagonal line) appears.

Sorry for the ongoing issue. Did you have 2FA previously enabled by any chance?

Could you try enabling 2FA again after clearing your browser cache, trying a different browser, and/or trying it in your browser’s incognito/private window mode?

If that fails, can you create an account ticket here, and share the ticket number here?

Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 11.35.51 AM

Click the add more details link and on the ticket, reference a link to this conversation,


I don’t remember enabling 2FA before for this account. However, I’ll try those steps you suggested.

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Let us know if they help and if not, please do share your ticket number.

Hi @arengifoc any change or are you still encountering the same error message?

I see you have opened a ticket. I just replied you there so we can further troubleshoot.

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Thanks everyone for your help.

I was very silly because I didn’t notice that after clicking on “Set up” and seeing the warning message (Two-factor Authentication is disabled) I had to click con “Add” to configure 2FA.

There was never a real error. It was just me all the time.

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Thank you for the confirmation and sorry for the issue. From this it seems that we could tune-up our error message and/or dashboard text, as neither are overly informative.


Let me create a ticket and address that internally.

The fact that you thought about it and it wasn’t immediately obvious, @arengifoc, means that it’s a bad message (and not silly at all).


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