Can't edit the DNS Records

So I have my own domain on NameServers adi.ns.Cloudflare. com and patrick.ns.Cloudflare. com

had had a company do a website for me, and they wanted me to change the nameservers to delilah.ns.Cloudflare. com and donald.ns.Cloudflare. com and now I cannot make any changes to my DNS Records, is there a way to keep the site and be able to edit the DNS Records? Or what would the suggestion be?

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When you changed the name servers, you moved the domain from your account into their account. You can move the nameservers back to the ones assigned in your account, but you will need to coordinate with the company that built your web site, and I presume is also hosting it for you, to ensure that you have the right DNS records created to reach the site.

The short answer is that the two of you will need to work out and agree upon who is going to manage the Cloudflare DNS.

Thank you for the info.

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Is there a way for 2 parties to have access to DNS Records and 1 of those parties to manage the website?

You can invite additional users into your account.

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