Can't Edit Slider Revolution Slides In WP Admin

I finished developing a Slider Revolution 1-page site using multiple slides using WordPress and the Avada theme. Everything was working wonderfully.

Then I added Cloudflare and W3TC for optimization/speed.

The site still loads fine - looks like it did. But I can not edit the individual slides any more. I have turned off all the other plugins leaving just Slider Revolution and it didn’t work. I excluded wp-admin from Cloud Flare with page rules and that didn’t help. I have cleared the cache numerous times and attempted editing in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Nothing has worked - I can not edit the slides.

I’ve also tried fixing the php memory limits and double checked the .htaccess.

I recently got an ajax error, too.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I’m very frustrated - my site was DONE and I just needed to copyedit the slides… so much work and time to get to this point!

Is the Rocket Loader active?

RL can break some scripts.

Do you have access to the web server logs?
What happens if you plug-in is accessed by a user? (HTTP status codes for example)

Is W3TC still enabled?

Unfortunately Rocket Loader was not active.

I do have raw logs - but I have no idea how to read them. Is there a way to attach them here?

On the user side if you are visiting my site everything looks/loads wonderfully. No error on their side. I did notice that if the Cloudflare plug-in is activated that the site comes up as a blank white page. If I turn it off, everything is fine.

I also have this set up through A2 hosting as a subdomain. I don’t know if that makes a difference at all?

Mirage is probably the culprit. That’s known to specifically break carousels. Check to make sure Mirage is off.

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