Can't download Firewall Events data

I am trying to download Firewall Events Activity Log, meaning, the hits that got blocked based on my WAF rules. But I am not able to download this data. When I click on “Download data”, I see the following message: “No data available for download”. In the activity log there are 88 events for the last 24 hours.

How can I download this data?

This is what I see, by the way:


I am sorry to say, but to download the data (Export activity log) is available only to a Business and Enterprise plan.

However, each event manually & separately can be exported to JSON, even on a Free plan.

Furthermore, I am not aware if you can export event activity log using Cloudflare API, or at least they might be adding something new here so we should be patient until it’s available to us :thinking:

Helpful post:

Ok, I see. Well, exporting data is crucial to analyze Firewall events.

To be honest, such a basic feature should be available to Free users.

I managed to get the data via API calls, but for the average user, this could be complicated.

Using this tutorial (can’t include links): /analytics/graphql-api/tutorials/querying-firewall-events/

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