Can't download apps from Google Play

Hi everyone,

When using Cloudflare Randi noticed that I can’t download or update new apps from Google Play. In addition to that, occasionally I can’t download bigger files from Google Drive.

When I disable DNS everything is back to normal.

I use custom ROM (LineageOS).

Many thanks

It’s quite likely Google Play wants localization data from your DNS query to determine if you’re in a location where you can download that app.

Which country are you in, and are you using a country-specific Google Play store? (I don’t use Google Play, so I’m not sure if it’s geo-restricted like Apple’s online stores).

I’m currently located in Vietnam and my Google Play prices are displayed in local currency.

I forgot to explain why localization data might be a problem. doesn’t forward that information.

Maybe someone who uses Google Play store in another country can investigate this.

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Thanks for your help. I will try to Google it, might find something.

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It’s definitely not Cloudflare’s fault. I’ve just tried using other DNS(,, etc.) and I have the same problem.

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Wow…even Google DNS doesn’t help.

How did you “disable DNS” to get it to work? What is your fallback DNS that you get by disabling?

I use DNS Switch app ( When I disable DNS I get, I guess my local ISP?

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