Can't download and navigate the site

If I proxy my dns to Cloudflare, visitors to my site can’t download a file and while downloading, navigate the site. As soon as I disable the dns proxy, it works.
Is there any configuration I can do to make it work while proxied? I’m on the free tier.

May I ask how large the file size for download is?
Is it being downloaded as a whole in a single HTTPS request or rather in smaller chunks?
What kind of MIME type is it?

I tried just now a 58Mb zip file. Same problem.
And it’s a single https request, that part of the site is a simple php file server, it lists the files and allows to download.

Thank you for feedback.

May I ask if the file is physically ready and available to download, or rather some app (like phpMyAdmin → export database to .tar.gz) has to generate a compressed (zip) file? :thinking:

I could suggest you to try to:

  1. Disable HTTP/2 in Cloudflare settings (may need to be done via the API, CAUTION: if this is actually possible to do nowadays).

  2. You might want to try to download files from an unproxied hostname which is set to :grey: (DNS-only).

Otherwise, you could be violating the TOS 2.8 by serving a lot of non-HTML content files (zips) on that particular webpage or website via Cloudflare:

A cite from one of the posts using :search:

… As long as your site isn’t strictly a storage and/or download portal you should probably be fine …

→ This might be your case and this could be the issue here.

Not HTTP/2, but HTTP/3 (with QUIC).
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, The network options were the key.
About the TOS 2.8, I’ll check that, maybe I need to disable the dns proxy.

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